Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Retreat!

My favorite part of this winter was a weekend trip we spent with my family in Island Park. We all had so much fun! The weekend was packed full of sledding, snowmobiling, 4 wheelin, and late night games. We were lucky enough to enjoy sunshine throughout the entire weekend which made it easy for the boys to be outside. My family, grandparents, aunt, cousins, and their kids were all able to make it for the trip. Kudter and Kache found that they could make snow angles which was quite a treat for them.

Winter Fun in 2009

This winter has been so enjoyable for our family! We all love the snowy season and the different hobbies it allows us to endeavor. Brandon has been ice fishing tonz with all his buddies from work.The boys were able to go this year and love it about as much as their dad. They ususally drive down to Chesterfeild and come home with fish to eat for dinner!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Four Adorable Boys

Kudter is my oldest son, he is almost 5. Kudter is so different from Kache that it really makes me wonder what personality Rhev will have. Kudter absolutely loves to play the Wii and X-box. If I would buy him one he would never leave the t.v. and that kinda makes me nervous. Kudter is also very intelligent, he loves to practice writing his letters and numbers, play board games, and color. Unlike Kache, Kudter doesn't like to entertain himself, he often expects others to entertain him, which on a very busy day seems like he's getting ignored a bunch. Kudter loves to play with all the daycare kids from his grandma's daycare, they are having what Kudter calls a "Boys Night" soon. As he gets older I have to laugh at the things he notices and says. He is quite a character! Yesterday Brandon told him that he was not going to be able to finish the movie he started the night before and that he was spending too much time watching movies. Kudter then said to me aloud, Mom, don't you thing dad needs to cool it with the football and basketball games? That was all he did yesterday was watch basketball (NCAA Tournament). All I could do was look at Brandon and laugh, because Kudter was right on. It was what they say is priceless.
Kache was born second into our family. He is now 3 lively years old. Kache is a mamma's boy big time, which I of course love! Animals and make believe are two of his favorite things. Currently cats scare him to death, and he is not interested in food unless it is cinnamon rolls. I have never seen a kid who could play pretend for hours at a time, but he manages just fine. His best friend and enemy is of course his bigger brother of whom he loves to death. Of all the boys in my life, Kache is defiantly the most independent and stubborn.

Rhev is the newest boy in our family, and he is a treat. He is nearing his month old mark and life couldn't get any better for me. I really cherish the time I get to cuddle him up, and look forward to seeing him smile each day. Rhev's big brothers are having a hoot with him, he's getting an abundance of kisses each minute, and he will have patty cake memorized before he can talk I'm sure. I always love seeing Brandon with his boys, and to see how gentle he is with a newborn makes me fall in love with him all over again! He truly is a great daddy!